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HandWrittenOCR is an English handwriting recognition technique which converts human writing into text. OCR means Optical Character Recognition and our service can recognize 1 million humans handwriting all over the world. Hence our OCR Engine could recognize and read every handwriting all over the globe. And yes, we can easily read bold and cursive written handwritings. Please check our OCR We Can Page to check what we can Read and Digitize.

Our service is cheap to Buy at just $0.1 per Document.

Below are our service features.

OCR each document @ $0.1
Pay through paypal secure payment mode
OCR full document in live mode(Can take upto 12 hrs depending on the document)
For each document email notification sent after OCR completes
Digitize OCR text will be emailed as password protected pdf file
Document and OCR text remains saved for 30 days
Files of type pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif, png can be uploaded
Only English characters can be OCR

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All popular document and image formats are allowed (PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG)

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If you have any issues with our OCR service or have any query please email us at contactus@handwrittenocr.com or fill Contact us form and we will get back to you soon.